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Guilin Tour

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2015/08/13 10:46
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  Guilin's landscape is the best in the world. When we were young, we learned about it in Chinese textbooks. Although we had a little understanding of Guilin from the author's pen, it was still very different from being physically present. This year, the company organized tourism and decided to go to Guilin in Guangxi to go there and really experience the landscape of the world.
Guilin Tour
  Guilin's landscape is the best in the world. When we were young, we learned about it in Chinese textbooks. Although we had a little understanding of Guilin from the author's pen, it was still very different from being physically present. This year, the company organized tourism and decided to go to Guilin in Guangxi to go there and really experience the landscape of the world.
  On the afternoon of August 6th, with a beautiful encounter, we set out to Guilin, which is “Shanqing, Shuixiu, Dongqi, Shimei”。
  After sitting for about seven or eight hours, we arrived in Guilin at four o'clock in the morning. From this moment, Guilin's unique and beautiful mountain peaks and fresh air make us forget the discomfort of riding a car. After a little rectification, we came to Dagu Ancient Town and felt the “natural oxygen bar” Gudong Forest Waterfall - one by the underground The multi-stage cascade waterfall formed by the spring, the original ecological waterfall group, CCTV news report “This is a touchable waterfall” - [Gudong Waterfall]. Here we have the most intimate contact with the mountains of Guilin and the waters of Guilin, put on the sandals, roll up the trouser legs, and experience the coolness of the summer in a different way! Feel the magic of nature. In the close contact with water stone, the incitement and happiness of mind and body cannot be said. Although the forest here is not vast, the waterfalls here are not as spectacular as the three thousand feet, but the fresh air and the waterfalls are flying and flowing from the top of the mountain. It is refreshing and lingering.
  In the afternoon, we came to the original, classic Liu Sanjie Grand View Garden with rich flavors of Guangxi ethnic minorities. Into the Liu Sanjie Grand View Garden, visited the three sisters of Liu Sanjie and A Niu Ge. It is said that many young people in the local area have to go to this place to marry, which means long-lasting. After walking through the “old vows” wooden sign, we also visited the songs of the songs on the folk songs, experienced the marriage customs of the Yao people, visited the Yao ancient village, and watched the interesting cockfighting praise. Finally, under the urging of the tour guide, everyone reluctantly left Liu Sanjie Grand View Garden and drove back to the hotel.
  On August 8th, we departed from Guilin to Yangshuo. In the morning, we came to the [Yulong River Scenic Area]. The most exciting and romantic thing was to take a trip to Yulong River by bamboo rafts, and sway in the secluded water, pleasant and comfortable. . The idyllic scenery on both sides of the Yulong River, the calm and elegant river surface, as if a large mirror, the mountains on the shore are reflected in front of you, it is really impossible to tell which one is the real mountain which is the reflection, it is pleasing to the eye! After the Yulong River, we came to the [Totem Ancient Road Scenic Area]. First, the tour guide took us into the space-time tunnel. Through the introduction of the pictures and the real objects, we learned that the totem ancient road reflects the representative of the 甑皮岩 12,000-7000 years ago. A live demonstration base for people's living, living, religion, hunting and grave culture. “There are fierce slaves in the north and Nanban in the south!” The shale rock culture is the representative of the birth of the Nanban people. Then we came to the Turkish people's site, cave houses, thatched houses, animal skins, stone tools, bones, pottery, spears and other tools, the dance of the Turks, the game of the contest, the performance of the Turks… Here, we You can witness the life of the people of Guilin, the skin of Guilin, thousands of years ago, see the rough of the original tribe, and feel the mystery of the Tu people.
  After lunch, we visited Sun Yat-sen, President of the Ming Dynasty, and former US President Bill Clinton's [Shan Shui Gallery - Xingping Lijiang River Scenery]. The landscape of Guilin is the most beautiful but the Lijiang River. The Lijiang River is the most beautiful gallery in the world. It is the Chinese landscape. A pearl, 160 kilometers long. The Lancang River is the most typical area for the development of karst topography in northeastern Guangxi. The scenery is quiet. In particular, the lawn, Yangdi and Xingping win, and there are beautiful scenery such as Langshi Wonderful Scene, Jiu Ma Painting Mountain and Huangbu Beach. The mountains and forests on both sides of the Lancang River are plentiful, and the stalwart shrubs and small flowers on the peaks are like the clothes on the beautiful women. On the embankment of the river bank, there was the phoenix bamboo that was instructed to be planted by Premier Zhou Enlai when he came here to play. He was lush all year round, like a girl's skirt, and swayed. The most lovely is the peak of the mountain, a few clear reflections, every scene of the Lijiang River is a typical Chinese ink painting. The scenery on the back of the RMB 20 yuan vouchers in 1999 was drawn from the scenery of the Lijiang River in Xingping section. In the evening, everyone is going to visit the famous capital of the world - [West Street], where it is truly famous, an alley is antique, but it is also blended with exotic styles. It really has a flavor, through the night of feasting: The west street is full of people, and rock music is ringing in the ear. It feels like a word: cool!
  The last day of the trip is in Guilin. After breakfast, we will return to Guilin and visit the “Jiangshan Meeting” (Diancai Mountain), from “Yuyue Mountain” and “Siwang Mountain” and “Mingyue Peak” and “Xianhe Peak”。 The layers of mountains and rocks are transverse, just like the cascading stack, hence the name. There are many beautiful scenery in the mountains, such as Diecai Pavilion, Yuyue Pavilion, Zhangzhang Ergong Chengren Monument, Yangzhitang, Xianhe Cave, Wind Cave, Diecai Building, Wangjiang Pavilion and Nayunting. After the tour, “Half Pillow River” [Fubo Mountain], half of the river is inserted into the river and the half is inserted into the land. In the Han Dynasty, Fu Bo's Ma Yuan Nan Zheng once passed this place, hence the name. Finally, we visit [Yuzhou· Xiangbi Mountain], which is located on the east bank of the Minjiang River, opposite to the Elephant Trunk Hill. You can enjoy the Guilin City Emblem at 180° - Elephant Trunk Hill. When the rain is heavy and the smoke is raging, the continent is covered in the mist of the gauze. If it is looming, it is like Penglai Wonderland. It has been listed as Guilin since the Yuan Dynasty. One of the eight scenes - “Yuzhou smoke and rain.” In the evening, everyone was on the train after returning with a reluctance after eating.
  Throughout the trip, I found Guilin to have a particularly interesting name. They would call friends “dog meat.” Oh, of course, this is a voice. Greeting each other will also use “dog meat” to say hello. The beautiful girls will be called “Liu Sanjie”, and the handsome guy will call it “A Niu Ge”. This is the name of Guilin.
  This trip to Guilin has given us a lot of harvest. It is not only the beauty of the road, but also the meaning of life. The tour not only enriched the employees' spare time, but also enhanced the communication and cooperation between the departments, and made the big family of Nanxing Power more harmonious, thus better enhancing the cohesiveness of the company and fully demonstrating the team spirit of the company. With a higher and fuller enthusiasm, I will devote myself to future work. We believe that as long as we are united and work together, we will achieve and surpass all the goals of completing Wuhan Nanxing Power and create our glory!
  Wuhan Nanxing Power Technology Co., Ltd. Administration Department
  August 13, 2015