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Power Technology
Main technical indicators of partial discharge detector
Main technical indicators of partial discharge detector
Principle of vacuum tester
Release time:
2016-04-05 10:18
  The vacuum switch vacuum tester is measured by a magnetron discharge method. Pulling the two contacts of the vacuum interrupter to a certain distance, applying an electric field pulse high voltage, placing the arc extinguishing chamber in the solenoid coil or placing the new electromagnetic coil on the outdoor side of the arc extinguishing, and applying a large current to the coil Thereby generating a pulsed magnetic field synchronized with the high voltage in the arc extinguishing chamber.
Triple frequency generator considerations
Release time:
2016-04-01 10:18
  The triple frequency generator is used for the tested products such as power transformers and voltage transformers. In addition to the frequency high voltage test for the main insulation of the fully insulated transformer, the longitudinal insulation of the transformer and the main insulation of the semi-insulated transformer are also required. Induction high pressure test.
Triple frequency generator working principle and using method
  The primary windings of the three single-phase transformers are connected in a star shape, and the secondary windings are connected in an open triangle. Because the voltage applied to the primary winding is high and the core is saturated, the fundamental frequency components and times of the three single-phase transformer fluxes are The frequency withstand voltage tester component, the three single-phase transformer secondary open delta connection cancels the fundamental frequency
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