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  North-east area:
  Liaoning Province: Liaoyang Tanghe Power Plant, Shenyang Zibo Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shenyang Huachen Jinbei Automobile Co., Ltd., Shenyang Hailu Oil Production Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shenyang Dahua Dry Type Transformer Co., Ltd., Shenyang Coal Industry Group Power Supply Department, Shenyang Pine Hao Electric Co., Ltd., Shenyang Yuhong Agricultural Power Bureau, Shenyang Electric Group Special Motor Co., Ltd., Shenyang Dongyou Pipeline Engineering Installation Corporation, Shenyang Electric Power Bureau User Test Center, Shenyang Xin'an Transformer Factory, Dalian Electric Power Group Ltd., Shenyang Shengao Electric Control Equipment Co., Ltd., Shenyang Liming High and Low Voltage Switch Factory, Shenyang Dongfang Motor Co., Ltd., Shenyang Amorphous Alloy Transformer Co., Ltd., Shenyang Electric Power Bureau Amorphous Alloy Transformer Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Enshi, Dalian Development Zone Electrical equipment, Dalian Second Transformer Group Co., Ltd., Dalian Jinzhou Power Supply Branch, Dalian Pusi Kun Dongfang Automation Engineering Co., Ltd., Gaizhou Agricultural Power Bureau, Jinzhou Transformer Co., Ltd., Tieling County Agricultural Power Bureau, Dalian Power Supply Company, Dalian Beihai Power Equipment Co., Ltd. Division, Liaoning Chuncheng Yinzhu Thermal Power Co., Ltd., Dalian Guiyou Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Liaoning Electric Power Testing Technology Co., Ltd., Dalian Haiyun Electric Co., Ltd., Liaoning Power Plant Tongliao Electric Power Bureau, Liaoning Fengming Power Plant, Dalian Hua Tongtong Power Equipment Maintenance Co., Ltd., Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone, Dalian Electric Power Bureau Test Institute, Liaoning Xuji Electric Co., Ltd., Liaoning Fushun Electric Power Bureau Repair Factory, Kazuo County Agricultural Power Bureau Beipiao City Agricultural Power Bureau, Shenyang Huanggu Thermal Power Plant, Haicheng Agricultural Power Bureau, Jianping County Agricultural Power Bureau Huludao Power Supply Company, Changtu Wind Power Co., Ltd., Yingkou Power Supply Company, Panjin Dingyuande Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Beipiao Rural Power Bureau Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Chaoyang Power Supply Company Benxi Power Supply Company, Benxi Duoyi Resources Development Co., Ltd., Chaoyang City Agricultural Power Bureau Sub-bureau, Jianchang County Agricultural Power Bureau, Fushun Power Supply Company, Liaoyang Power Supply Company, Dandong Electric Power Equipment Factory Panjin Ding Yuande Power Equipment Co., Ltd., Shenyang Power Supply Company, Huludao Transformer Manufacturing Plant, Qingyuan Revitalization Transformer Co., Ltd., Huludao Shenzhong Transformer Co., Ltd., Dandong Xinyuan Power Equipment Factory, Lighthouse Agricultural Power Bureau, Huludao Tiantong Power Equipment Factory, Huludao Xinguang Transformer Manufacturing Factory, Yingkou Old Border Power Supply Bureau, Beizhen Changxing Power Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., Dandong An Power Transformer Co., Ltd., Dandong Huanghai Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Chaoyang Dangkai Power Switch Co., Ltd., Dandong Huatai Power Equipment Co., Ltd., Huludao Lianshan District Agricultural Power Bureau, Shenyang Gaodong High Voltage Switch Co., Ltd. Company, Lingyuan Power Supply Co., Ltd., Kuandian County Agricultural Power Bureau, Zhangwu County Agricultural Power Bureau, Anshan Haina Switchgear Co., Ltd., Jinzhou Shuangfeng Energy Saving Transformer Factory, Panjin Liaohe Oilfield Power Supply Company, Northeast Electric Power Research Institute, Dashiqiao Agricultural Power Bureau, Fuxin Coal Mine Thermal Power Co., Ltd., Xingcheng Agricultural Power Bureau, Huanren Fengming Power Plant, Yixian Agricultural Power Bureau, Anshan Pai Ni Power Equipment, Anshan Tianyi Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Anshan Electric Power Bureau Reporting Division , Northeast Power Transmission and Transformation Engineering Co., Ltd., Liangjin Agricultural Power Bureau, Jinzhou Jinkai Electric Group, Liaohe Oilfield Power Installation Company, Fu Shun Special Steel Co., Ltd., China Power Investment Northeast New Energy Development Co., Ltd., China Petroleum Pipeline Company.
  Heilongjiang Province: Heilongjiang Province Longjiang County Electric Power Bureau Test and Repair Center, Daqing Petrochemical General Plant, Jixi Mining Bureau Power Company, Heilongjiang Hongxinglong Electric Power Bureau Substation, Heilongjiang Tahe Changhua Electric Inspection Team, Heilongjiang Dragon Polyester Co., Ltd., Heilongjiang Forward Power Supply Bureau, Heilongjiang Huadian Jiamusi Power Generation Co., Ltd., Heilongjiang Electric Power Co., Ltd., Heilongjiang Province Jiansanjiang Electric Power Bureau, Jiu Sanjiang directly under the Electric Power Bureau Test Center, Qianjin Farm Power Supply Bureau, Daqing Oilfield Pump Industry Co., Ltd., Harbin Jiuzhou Electric Co., Ltd., Harbin Hongwei Transformer Factory, Daqing Jinsanli Electric Company, Baoquanling Electric Power Bureau Heishan County Agricultural Power Bureau, Boli Electric Power Bureau Agricultural Power Company, Hulin City Electric Power Bureau Beining Agricultural Power Bureau, Qiqihar Deen Power Switch Co., Ltd., Mulan County Electric Power Bureau Qianguo County Agricultural Power Bureau, Shuangyashan Baoshan District Xuri Electromechanical Repair Factory, Huachuan County Agricultural Power Bureau.
  Jilin Province: Jilin Province Local Hydropower Co., Ltd., Luohe City Agricultural Power Co., Ltd., Jilin Jitong Power Equipment Co., Ltd., Jilin Suburban Agricultural Power Bureau, Jilin Baicheng Railway Hydropower Section, and Helong City Agricultural Power Bureau Jiansanjiang Electric Power Bureau, Jiansanjiang Electric Power Bureau Urban Power Supply Bureau, Jiansanjiang Agricultural Power Bureau, Changchun Railway Power Supply Section, Siping Shunda Transformer Factory, Ji'an Agricultural Power Bureau Yuzhong County Agricultural Power Bureau, Shulan Power Supply Company Fuxin Power Supply Company, Shulan County Agricultural Power Bureau, Hunchun Mining Group Power Supply Branch, Yanlian City Liancheng Coal Industry Group Power Supply Department, Wangqing County Agricultural Power Co., Ltd., Dunhua Municipal Agricultural Power Bureau, Antu Changming Hydropower Group, Panshi City Agricultural Power Bureau, Jidong Cement Jilin Co., Ltd.
  Huadong Region:
  Jiangsu Province: Jiangsu Huai'an Hengkai Electric Co., Ltd., Yangzhou Hengfa Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Jiangyin Friends Electric Co., Ltd., Changzhou Dongfang Sanhuan Electric Co., Ltd., Changzhou Xinchuang Automation Technology Co., Ltd., Huatong Power Equipment Maintenance Company, East Feng Electric Manufacturing Factory, Xintai Huali Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.
  Zhejiang Province: Zhejiang Jiangshan Aoke Power Equipment Co., Ltd., China Zhejiang Dianguang Explosion-proof Electric Co., Ltd.
  Shandong Province: Xintai Huali Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.
  North China:
  Inner Mongolia: Linxi County Agricultural Power Bureau Inner Mongolia Inlaid Yellow Flag Power Supply Company, Jining Power Supply Company, Erdos Electric Power Bureau Dongsheng Power Supply Branch, Linxi County Agricultural Power Bureau Dongdian Second Company, Chifeng Right Banner Agricultural Power Bureau, Inner Mongolia Power Installation Company , Inner Mongolia Hangjin Houqi Power Company, Chifeng Songshan District Agricultural Power Bureau, Ningcheng County Agricultural Power Bureau, Aru Kerqin Banner Agricultural Power Bureau, Chifeng City Yuanbao Mountain Agricultural Power Bureau, Bahrain Right Banner Agricultural Power Bureau, Aohan Banner Agricultural Power Bureau , Keshiketengqi Agricultural Power Bureau, Inner Mongolia Hangjin Houqi Power Company, Kalaqinqi Rural Power Bureau, Chifeng Jinfeng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
  Hebei Province: Dongling Agricultural Power Bureau.
  Central China:
  Hubei Province: Qifu Heavy Steel Metal Products Factory.
  Henan Province: Changge City Jinteng Electric Co., Ltd., Henan Huayuan Electric Co., Ltd., Henan Anyang Industrial Electric Corporation Electric Appliance Factory, Xinxiang Huasen Electric Power Equipment Co., Ltd., Xinzheng Henghua Power Equipment Co., Ltd., Luoyang Este Transformer Co., Ltd., Henan Yudian Electric Co., Ltd.
  South China:
  Guangdong Province: Zhongshan Mingyang Electric Co., Ltd., Kaidi (Guangdong) Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.