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Growth Process

Growth Process

20 Years of development memorabilia
  ★ In May 2006, the company developed a series of DC resistance rapid testers, and independently produced 2A, 3A, 5A, 10A, 20A, 40A products.
  ★ In November 2006, a breakthrough was made in the research and development of the resonant test device, and the “CVT power frequency series resonant booster device” was developed.
  ★ Developed a large grounding grid grounding resistance tester in December 2006.
  ★ In February 2007, he became a member of the Hubei Electric Power Measurement Association.
  ★ In December 2007, the company improved its resonant series products. The frequency modulation and resonance are more lightweight, and the resonance products are rationalized and classified. The AC voltage-resistant device for the substation electrical equipment, the cable withstand voltage device, the generator AC voltage withstand device and the CVT calibration resonant boost device are developed.
  ★ In March 2008, the transformer empty load and capacity tester was further improved on the basis of the original products, and developed the transformer capacity tester, transformer parameter tester, transformer short-circuit impedance tester, reactor parameter tester, etc. Meet the requirements of different users.
  ★ In July 2008, the power transformer comprehensive performance test bench that meets 20000kVA and voltage level of 110kV and below has passed the company's appraisal. The device has the test functions of direct resistance, variable ratio, empty load, AC withstand voltage and induction withstand voltage.
  ★ In October 2008, based on the original manual volt-ampere characteristic tester, the transformer integrated characteristic tester, PT excitation characteristic tester and CT volt-ampere characteristic tester were developed.
  ★ In November 2008, the company's dielectric oil dielectric strength tester successfully developed a new generation of dielectric oil dielectric strength tester based on digital tube. The instrument uses a large LCD display with printing.
  ★ In March 2009, based on the original large-scale grounding resistance tester, a large-scale grounding resistance tester with an output of 5A was developed.
  ★ In August 2009, won the first prize of the Resonance Device Competition held by Hubei Electric Power Measurement Association.
  ★ In May 2010, it was awarded the title of Advanced Unit awarded by Hubei Wuhan East Lake Technology Development Zone Management Committee. Nanxing Power will be based on “honesty” and “trust” as the first priority to continue to strengthen product advantages, consolidate technical foundation and enhance comprehensiveness. Strength has become an excellent benchmark for power testing equipment and high-voltage test equipment industry.
  ★ In November 2010, based on the NDR series DC resistance tester, the company developed the DC resistance tester for NDR-50A, the dual-channel DC resistance meter for 20A temperature rise test, and the three-channel DC resistance tester for 10A and 20A.
  ★ In April 2011, it was awarded the High-tech Enterprise Certificate issued by the Management Committee of Wuhan Optics Valley Wuhan East Lake New Technology Development Zone.
  ★ In July 2012, the company's R&D team successfully developed a high-current type of resonant device.
  ★ In September 2013, it was awarded the honorary title of “2013 Contract-Respecting and Credit-Reliable Enterprise” by Wuhan Industrial and Commercial Administration Bureau and Wuhan Contract Credit Promotion Association. The company will make persistent efforts to continuously strengthen the corporate culture construction while the company's production scale benefits are rapidly expanding, and strive to form a corporate culture with integrity, humility, teamwork, development and innovation.
  ★ In November 2013, the company's self-developed “NDBZ-III Transformer Comprehensive Performance Test Bench” was awarded the first prize of Wuhan Quality and Technical Supervision Scientific and Technological Achievement by Wuhan Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau.
  ★ In June 2014, Wuhan Municipal Government and Municipal Science and Technology Commission awarded high-tech enterprises and scientific and technological production units.
  ★ In November 2014, the company independently designed and set up a programmable control system without a partial discharge test system.
  ★ In April 2015, with the continuous development and rapid growth, the company moved to Chuangzhi Tiandi in Wuhan Zanglong Island in March 2015. The expansion of the company's scale has focused on improving the environment of R&D centers, quality verification centers and production workshops. Product development and production are gradually becoming larger, specialized and standardized.
  ★ In February 2016, the company designed and finalized the NDDZ-Ill 35kV reactor comprehensive performance test system through the expert group acceptance. In the same year, the system was successfully put into use.
  ★ In March 2016, it was awarded the title of Top Ten Enterprises in Wuhan.
  ★ In August 2017, the company and experts from the State Grid Electric Power Research Institute and experts from Wuhan University conducted exchanges on power test technology. This technical exchange activity has pointed out the direction for future R&D and design of products. The two sides stated that they will further strengthen technical communication, exchanges and cooperation in the future.
  ★ In December 2017, it was awarded the China National Electric Equipment Management Association recommended brand certificate by China Power Equipment Management Association. The China Electric Power Equipment Management Association is the Power Equipment Management Branch of the China Equipment Management Association, headed by the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration. It is the national equipment management organization for the power industry.