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  First, embedded hardware engineer
  Application requirements:
  1. Bachelor degree or above, major in power system automation, electronic information engineering or electrical engineering;
  2. Have certain experience in electronic circuit design, development and testing;
  3. skilled in using more than one EDA design software (Protel, Altium Designer, etc.) proficient in at least one MCU / DSP / ARM working principle, interface and peripheral circuits;
  4. can complete the overall program, device selection, schematic design, PCB design, firmware programming, debugging, test maintenance optimization, etc., and responsible for the design quality;
  5. familiar with single-chip technology, familiar with hardware design and embedded system programming;
  6. familiar with the performance of various electronic components and master the development of electronic components;
  7. Master the hardware design of any one or more products of the company, and refer to the product catalogue of the company website for details;
  8. Have a good sense of teamwork, strong sense of responsibility, and initiative in work.
  Second, embedded software engineer
  Job Responsibilities:
  1. According to the task assigned by the project, complete the design of the embedded software solution of the single chip;
  2. Complete the embedded software development of the MCU of the project;
  3. Perform relevant tests on the software that has been developed and modified;
  4. Optimize the upgrade software system according to the feedback information;
  5. Provide technical support for downloading and using the single-chip software;
  6. Technical support for software provided by users.
  Application requirements:
  1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electronics, automation or computer science;
  2. proficient in C / C + + language, with a solid programming skills and good coding specifications, familiar with common communication protocols and interface protocols, such as CAN, TCP / IP, the use of various serial ports;
  3. more than one year of embedded software development experience, familiar with embedded application development based on STM32 series MCU, ARM series microcontroller or DSP platform, and the underlying driver of the chip;
  4. Have a certain understanding of the software development of VB, VC and other host computers and human-computer interaction. Know the knowledge of single-chip hardware, and experience in LCD screen development is preferred;
  5. has a strong sense of responsibility, strong communication skills, a good sense of teamwork, work initiative.
  Third, structural engineer
  Job responsibilities:
  1. Responsible for the company's product appearance, structure, packaging design, material selection, structure cost budget;
  2. Responsible for the production of product structural parts, mold development, BOM production, drawings and technical documents archived, issued;
  3. Assist engineering and quality to solve product problems and provide technical support;
  4. Responsible for the assembly, commissioning and installation of the prototype, and the production of technical documents.
  Job requirements:
  1. College degree or above, with more than 3 years of structural design work experience, successfully developed new products;
  2. Skilled in using Solidworks and AutoCAD software, you can independently complete 3D modeling and 3D drawing design of the whole machine according to your needs. You can skillfully draw design sketches, design drawings, renderings, and can produce standard processing drawings and process drawings. Deepen the design, process, materials, structure, size, installation method, marking of the layout, feasibility evaluation of product production;
  3. the machine tool used for the basic structural parts, can be processed separately, the parts are preferred;
  4. Have good teamwork and communication skills, strong logical thinking skills, and good at learning.
  Fourth, the sales staff
  Description of job:
  1. College degree or above, graduated from e-commerce, marketing, power, electronics and other related majors;
  2. Have good language skills and strong communication skills;
  3. Familiar with the basic operation of the computer, have a better understanding of the network transactions B2C, B2B, C2C;
  4. can adapt to business trips, more than 1 year sales experience, sales experience in the power industry or online sales are preferred.
  V. Technical production personnel
  Application requirements:
  1. Graduated in electronics related major, with a secondary education or above;
  2. Familiar with common sense of functional use and model of various electronic components;
  3. Have a good professional accomplishment and strong sense of responsibility;
  4. have a certain experience in the assembly of electronic products, familiar with the priority of welding patches.
  6. Network Promotion Specialist
  Application requirements:
  1. Computer proficiency, network promotion, computer, marketing and mechatronics are preferred;
  2. familiar with the company's related products, specific reference to the company's website product catalog;
  3. articulate, quick-thinking, cheerful personality, have had the priority of similar product network promotion experience.
  Interested parties please send the relevant resume, academic credentials and recent one-inch photos to the mailbox:
  Interview Address: No. 13, Yangqiaohu Avenue, Zanglong Island, Wuhan