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  General Manager: Preside over the daily operation and management of the company, organize and implement the company's annual business plan, be responsible for publicizing and implementing the relevant laws, regulations, guidelines and policies of the state and industry, responsible for advocating the company's corporate culture and business philosophy, and shaping the corporate image.
  Finance Department: The Finance Department is the management, accounting, supervision and guidance department of the financial work of the enterprise. To ensure the integrity of the company's assets, the effective use of funds, and the financial management objectives of maximizing the value of the enterprise, under the guidance of the company's overall business strategy development goals, Carry out financial management work such as financial investment, fundraising, financial accounting and rational allocation of funds and assets.
  R & D department: Product R & D center is to achieve the company's strategic goals, under the leadership of the company's senior team, responsible for production management technical support, new product development, technical management, test management, process management and tooling management professional management department.
  Production Department: The functional department responsible for the production management of the company's production and operation, production technology, equipment management, etc. Through the production organization work, in accordance with the requirements of the enterprise, set up a production system that is technically feasible, material technical conditions and environmental conditions.
  Sales Department: To complete the sales task assigned by the company, determine the sales target, formulate the sales plan, and formulate the general direction and general spirit according to the selling point of the product and the demand of the target source.
  Advertising Department: The design of the overall image of the company, supporting all the company's promotional programs, advertising programs, the company's internal corporate culture planning.
  Administration Department: Responsible for implementing company leadership instructions. Do a good job in communication and communication, timely report the situation and feedback to the leaders; do a good job of coordination and comprehensive coordination among the various departments; supervise and inspect the work and plans of the project, be responsible for the daily administrative affairs management of the company, assist the general manager Handling daily work, responsible for the daily activities of the general manager and the arrangement of outing activities.
  Network Department: Complete the planning and construction of the company's network and information, and be responsible for the establishment, renewal, maintenance, promotion and promotion of the company's official website.
  Purchasing Department: The Purchasing Department mainly provides the raw materials needed for production in the production department in terms of quality, quantity, timely and appropriate price. Through strict program control and management, the company realizes the centralized and unified procurement of the company's materials and the standardization and unification of the procurement and supply channels, and obtains the best material supply with the best cost performance.
  Information Department: Responsible for collecting, summarizing, summarizing and analyzing customer and product information.
  Quality Management Department: Quality Management Department is the functional department of enterprise quality inspection management, and shoulders the heavy responsibility of supervision and guidance. Control the company's overall raw material quality, process quality, finished product quality, responsible for quality control point management, quality index management, new product evaluation, test standards development and reliability testing, evaluation, analysis.
  After-sales department: As the service department of the company, the after-sales department conducts effective after-sales service for the products sold by the company, coordinates the relationship between the manufacturer and the customer, strives for resources, and escorts the sales. After-sales service personnel will also proactively provide customers with equipment operation skills training, equipment maintenance and maintenance, and help users use equipment more effectively.
  Human Resources Department: The Human Resources Department is responsible for the management of personnel activities of the company. It mainly includes recruitment, testing, selection, evaluation, appointment, promotion, transfer, recommendation to adjust the status of the staff of the department, and management of the planning and management of human resources management projects such as releasing the necessary information systems to employees.
  Public Relations Department: As the company's external spokesperson, responsible for external publicity and communication, establish a good corporate image, compile photos and close-up articles, compile relevant newspaper catalogues, photograph, organize, and save information pictures, design, plan, and supervise the company. Kind of publicity.