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Sichuan Datang International Ganzi Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. won the bid

Sichuan Datang International Ganzi Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. won the bid

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2015/12/16 10:47
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  Near the end of the year, the marketing department continued to report frequently, and the marketing department reported frequently. Wuhan Nanxing Power won the bidding project in the high-pressure and oil-chemical experimental equipment procurement bidding project of the Daduhe Jinping Hydropower Station in Sichuan Province. The winning equipments include: DC high voltage generator, test transformer, volt-ampere characteristic ratio specific polarity tester, arrester characteristic tester, DC resistance tester, triple frequency generator, generator rotor AC impedance tester, Cable fault tester, laboratory-specific multi-function ultrasonic cleaner, transformer oil chromatograph, oil micro-water tester, oil acid value tester, etc. At present, this batch of equipment has already produced the stocking stage.
  The Huanguping Hydropower Station is located in the upper reaches of the Dadu River. It is the 11th-level power station of the ”Three Reservoirs 22“ of the mainstream of the Dadu River Hydropower Project. It is connected to the Changheba Hydropower Station and the downstream is the Luding Hydropower Station. The dam site controls the drainage area of ??56,942 square kilometers, accounting for 73.58% of the total basin area, and the average annual flow rate is 847 cubic meters per second. The normal water storage level of the reservoir is 1476.00m, the corresponding normal water storage capacity is 128 million cubic meters, the check flood level is 1478.93m, the total reservoir capacity of the corresponding reservoir is 140 million cubic meters, the dead water level is 1472.00m, and the running water level in the flood season is 1472.00m. The dam is 73m high and the maximum dam is 95.5m. The reservoir has daily adjustment capacity. The total installed capacity of the power station is 850 MW (800 MW, 50 MW), and the average annual power generation is 3.861 billion kW.h.
  Focusing on users and serving the public, Wuhan Nanxing Power is the starting point for building quality electric measurement products and creating corporate social value, and fully promoting the development of electric measurement industry; internal management and external image, Wuhan Nanxing Power relies on high-quality equipment and all-round The service has been recognized by more and more customers, and will continue to provide quality services for new and old customers.
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