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Dabie Mountain & Thin Knife Peak Tour

Company News
2019/01/16 10:42
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5月24日早上8:30,天空阴沉沉的,却依然阻挡不了武汉南星电力员工激动的心情,大家都打扮得青春靓丽,神采奕奕,准备即将开启我们的大别山之旅,此次旅行地是中国十大红色旅游基地之一的罗田县大别山上的薄刀峰。  从武汉外环出发,经过两个多小时的车程后,汽车渐渐驶进了群山的怀抱之中。向车窗外望去,山连绵起伏,近处的山一片浓郁的绿色,一块块岩石裸露在外。远处,群山一眼望不到尽头,只剩下淡绿色的轮廓。山村旁
  At 8:30 on the morning of May 24, the sky was overcast, but it still could not stop the excitement of Wuhan Nanxing Power staff. Everyone was dressed up in youthful and beautiful, ready to start our trip to Dabie Mountain. The trip was One of China's top ten red tourist bases, the thin knife peak on the Dabie Mountain in Luotian County.
  From the outer ring of Wuhan, after more than two hours of driving, the car gradually entered the embrace of the mountains. Looking out the window, the mountains are rolling, the mountains in the vicinity are full of green, and a piece of rock is exposed. In the distance, the mountains can not be seen at the end, leaving only the pale green outline. On the hillside next to the mountain village, the industrious villagers opened up terraces in the mountains, one layer and one block, such as layers of stairs, like strips of jade, golden yellow, emerald green, and ink. Green, like colorful puzzles, so harmonious, so beautiful.
  Unknowingly, we went to the Datong Mountain Scenic Area, which is known as the ”first dragon in China“ in the Dabie Mountains. After returning to lunch, everyone went back to the room to rest and visit the Dream Valley Scenic Spot at 3 pm. Because it is down the mountain, everyone is not very tired, that is, the sky is not beautiful, the torrential rain is coming down, the temperature in the mountain is relatively low, the temperature drops suddenly after the rain, the air humidity is also very large, let us welcome here. In the hot summer of May, I enjoyed a cool breeze. There is a mountain and water in Dream Valley. Dreams and quietness are a wonderful world. The scenic spots along the way are Yuanyuantan, Ancient God Tree, Xinxinlin, Shenshi Stone, Wenyi Waterfall, Moyun Baibu Ladder, Sansheng Bridge and Linglong Tree. Attractions such as Prayers Pool, Rainbow Pool and Yuanmeng Lake, if you use the flying stream to go down three thousand feet to describe the magnificent aura, the heart of the cliff is not exaggerated, and can be compared with Sandie Springs. The fresh and quiet scenery of the mountains and rivers is endless.
  After the end of the afternoon, everyone went to a special restaurant in the Bodaofeng Scenic Area, where there are many delicious local specialties, especially the speciality of the chestnut-boiled chicken, just like the ”Luotian Chestnut Stewed Chicken Soup“ lyrics. Singing: ”The chestnut is sweet, the soup tastes fragrant, the nutrient-rich fruit is king, the soup is fresh and tender, the color is good, the body is good and the health is good, the mellow and fragrant is in the plate, the guests taste it, the taste is authentic.“ It makes people feel good.
  After playing for a day, I was a little tired. Everyone went back to the room to rest, and I began to hear it. I slowly calmed down, and accompanied the screaming rain into a sweet dream.
  I got up at 7 o'clock the next morning, and the Sun Gonggong specially looked after us and greeted us early. The Wuhan Nanxing Power colleagues took the camera and took it. After everyone gathered together, guided by the tour guide, we went to the cableway to go up the mountain. This time the ropeway was up the hillside. Although it was not the kind of imagination, it was fun. The ropeway is still only on the mountainside, and the peak of the thin knife peak is still a long distance away from us. After a short break, everyone continues to move forward. The thin knife peak is 1,404 meters above sea level, and all of them are steep steps. The steps are very narrow, and the half feet can't be placed. The strength can be imagined. After nearly 2 hours of climbing, finally climbed the ridge, which can be clearly seen here. Seeing the clouds in the mountains, what is floating in front of me is a very majestic image of the mountains. The forest coverage rate of the thin knife peak is as high as 98%, and the annual average temperature is 16.4°。 It is called the natural oxygen bar in the human world. When everyone is looking down the mountain, they see a white smoke rising slowly and drowning us, only to know that this is The fog in the mountains is very cool. At this time, a colleague shouted that this was a ”scent of scent“, so everyone took a deep breath and absorbed the aura that nature gave us.
  After enjoying the beautiful scenery, everyone will continue to move forward. The thin ridges of the ridges are narrow, shaped like blades, strange stone slabs, overlapping and overlapping, patchwork, group pines, and the sea of ??clouds. There are three kinds of natural formations on the ridge: the first level is because the terrain is dangerous and can only pass sideways, so the name is heroic; the second level is beautiful because of its surrounding scenery, so people forget to return, so the name The beauty is closed; the third level is due to kneel down and crawling with both hands, so the name is beautiful. The scenery along the entire mountain is beautiful, and it is indeed called Songqi, Stone Monster, and Peak Insurance. When I reached the summit, I arrived in Wollongong. There was a Wolong pine, which stood proudly on the rock. Standing in the beauty of the ridge of the ridge, it is indeed very dangerous and thin, as if a Wolong plate is here. There are always strange stones in the road to stop your way, as if there is no way to go, it is indeed called the original ecology. There is also a huge stone (the Tianpen) on Wollongong. It is climbed through the iron ladder. It looks like a layer of mountains and a glimpse of the mountains. Everyone has taken pictures and remembered the glorious moment of our summit. Then we went down the mountain, playing all the way, taking pictures, discovering new things…
  After going down the mountain, we went straight to Luotian County for lunch. After a full meal, we strolled on the street for a while. At this time, everyone saw an uncle selling Luotian's specialty, chestnut. The chestnut here is really big. I am much better than I have seen before. Everyone buys them one by one, and some also buy three bags at a time. Since they come, they don't want to go.
  This trip to the Dabie Mountain Thin Knife Peak has given us a lot of harvest. It is not only the beauty of the road, but also the meaning of life. Maybe you are just a young seedling, but as long as you are persevering, it will end up like Wollongong in Wollongong; maybe you are just a drop of pure and delicate water, but as long as you persevere, it will eventually become a waterfall of the heart of the cliff. In the end, it will be merged into a stream; perhaps you are just an ordinary employee of Wuhan Nanxing Power. However, as long as we all unite and work together, we will overcome all difficulties and achieve and surpass all the goals of completing Wuhan Nanxing Power!