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NDHGY-5 electronic transformer simulator

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Product description
Product parameters
  Reference standards: IEC61850, GB20847, 8-2007.
  ● It can simulate the digital mutual signal of the electronic mutual salter, the optical fiber transformer and the magneto-optical glass transformer to the MU to realize the integrated test of the MU-protection device;
  ● Support single-phase voltage and current transformer, three-phase voltage transformer, three-phase current transformer, three-phase voltage and current transformer, collector voltage cascade five kinds of protocol modes;
  ● NDHGY-5 can receive optical digital sampled value messages sent by electronic mutual salt, optical fiber transformer and magneto-optical glass transformer, and analyze waveform, RMS, double AD and harmonics.
  Main parameters: instrument
Function parameter
With 3 transmit optical serial ports, 1 receive optical serial port
SMV transmission time uniformity is less than 100 ns
SMV transmission RMS error is less than 0.05%, phase angle error is less than 0.01°
State sequence time control resolution 10ns, time error <100ns
SMV Sample value
Voltage range
Voltage accuracy
Better than 0.05%
Phase accuracy
Better than 0.01°
Frequency accuracy
Better than 0.002Hz


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