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NDTX-III generator monitoring and characteristic tester

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Product description
Product parameters
  Reference standard: GB/T2820-1997, GB/T13032-91.
  ● NDTX-III has a powerful software system, including data acquisition, data compression storage, waveform analysis and statistics, graphics drawing tools, spectrum analysis tools, waveform combination calculation tools, harmonic analysis, RMS calculation, power calculation, Three-phase symmetry analysis, phasor diagram tools, etc. Its characteristics can be summarized as follows:
  ● Draw test curves in real time, and provide a variety of curve analysis tools, allowing users to arbitrarily zoom and position the curves;
  ● It can edit the graphics in the current oscilloscope, including free identification, color conversion, etc., to facilitate the production of test reports;
  ● Provides spectrum analysis tools to make it easy for users to obtain spectrum patterns of signals;
  ● You can select any signal as the X-axis and Y-axis to draw the signal relationship curve;
  ● Provides harmonic analysis tool, which can perform harmonic analysis on the collected signal, the highest harmonic number is 1024 times;
  ● Power and symmetry analysis of selected three-phase signals;
  ● Built-in generator three-phase short-circuit characteristic curve, no-load characteristic curve, excitation system disturbance test, demagnetization time constant, frequency and voltage characteristics, load rejection test, standard test template for self-aligned synchronization test, software automatically calculate test result parameters.
  The main parameters:
Test signal
1 ~ 150V AC voltage signal
3 Way
0 to 6A AC current signal
0~1000V DC voltage signal
1 Way
0~75mV DC voltage signal
2 Way
0~750V AC voltage signal
3 Way
1200V Speed signal
1 Way
Sampling channel
Voltage position -10V ~ 10V
Input impedance >10MΩ
Voltage gear position -200V~200V
Input impedance 820KΩ
Voltage position -400V~400V
Input impedance 820KΩ
Current gear position -20mA ~ 20mA
Input impedance 200Ω
Test accuracy
0.2, A/D sampling 12 bits, rate 125kHz
Response time
Operating Voltage


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