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NDKC-IV High voltage switch dynamic characteristic tester

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Product description
Product parameters
  Reference standard: DL/T846.3-2004, JJG1120-2015.
  ● Automatically identify the breakage and closing status of the fracture, and prompt the corresponding joint and branch operations according to the reference fracture status;
  ● Independent 12-breaker can detect and indicate the connection status of the fracture, which is convenient for users to check the wiring;
  ● With powerful graphic analysis function, the waveform and measurement processing data can be displayed on the same screen, and the test process is more intuitive.
  ● The machine has a delay protection function, which can automatically cut off the coil voltage after the circuit breaker is activated, which protects the circuit breaker and test equipment.
  ● High and low voltage experiments can be performed to automatically find the lowest or closing voltage;
  ● Reclosing test, which can be used for measuring the points, points, points and points.
  The main parameters:
Time measurement
Test range: 0.01ms to 10000ms
Accuracy of 0.1%±2 Words in 1ms~100ms
More than 100ms accuracy 0.5% ± 2 words
Speed measurement: just split (just) speed
Average speed of the specified time period (stroke or angle segment)
Speed range
1mm Sensor 0.01~25.00m/s
0.1mm Sensor 0.001~2.50m/s
0.5° Angle sensor 0.01~25.00m/s
Universal sensor: 0.01~10.00m/s
Stroke measurement
Moving contact stroke (stroke)
Contact stroke (opening distance)
Overshoot or reverse (overtravel)
Sensor measurement
Linear displacement sensor 50mm, resolution: 0.1mm, stroke 0.1~50mm
Linear displacement sensor 300mm, resolution: 0.1mm, stroke 10 ~ 300mm (optional)
Linear displacement sensor 500mm, resolution: 1mm, stroke 10 ~ 500mm (optional)
360 Line sensor: 360°, resolution: 0.5°, stroke 1mm ~ 1000mm
Current measurement
Display current is the maximum current value of the split (closed) brake coil
Working power
AC/DC 220V ± 10%;50Hz ± 2%
DC power supply
Output voltage: 25~265V continuously adjustable, output current: ≤ 15A (Short time)
About 10kg
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