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NDCJ series lightning impulse voltage generator device

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Product description
Product parameters
  Reference standard: GB311-1997, GB16927-1997.
  ● The system consists of impulse voltage generator body, DC charging device, weak damping capacitor divider, multi-ball gap cutting device, computer controlled measurement system, etc.
  ● The main structure of the impulse voltage generator adopts E-type single-column imitation Swiss Haefely structure, the main equipment is 4 grades, easy to disassemble and repair, and the overall structure is stable;
  ● The high-voltage end of the capacitor has an automatic grounding device (Swiss ”Haefely“ technology). When the charging is stopped or the emergency button is pressed, the automatic grounding system is activated, and the main capacitor of the generator is automatically grounded through the discharging resistor;
  ● Adopt bilateral asymmetric charging mode, the charging voltage is 150kV. The thyristor voltage regulation is continuously adjustable from zero to the set voltage, and the charging power supply is automatically turned off immediately after the ignition and discharge, thereby protecting the safety of the charging transformer and the voltage regulating system. The rectifier silicon stack, the charging transformer, the protection resistor and the DC resistance voltage divider are all mounted on the body to form a charging, rectifying and body integrated device, and the appearance is simple and beautiful.
  The main parameters:
Standard lightning wave
The peak oscillation is not greater than the amplitude
Standard lightning impulse cutoff wave
Chop time
Peak deviation
≤ 3%
Lightning wave (no-load) efficiency
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